Fast forward casting: Catching Fire

The Hunger Games is now less than 70 days away from release, and it has been named as the most anticipated movie of this year – and a November 2013 release has been confirmed for the sequel, Catching Fire. Whilst the book doesn’t quite reach the standards of the original, there are plenty of lively (and less lively) new characters introduced to the series. This is my list of actors who I think are the best fits for the series’ new characters.

Finnick Odair

Physical description: Tall, athletic and tanned with bronze hair and sea green eyes.

Personality: Known by most to be a charismatic player, deep down he is actually a quiet romantic.

Best Pick: Chris Pine

Sure, he’s 31, but he could pull 24-year old Finnick off pretty easily and hey, Jennifer Lawrence is 21 playing 16-year old Katniss, right? On screen, Star Trek being an example, he brings a great sense of charisma and sentiment on screen, exactly what’s required of anyone taking on Finnick. We haven’t seen him much in his seriousness, but I’m sure he can pull it off come¬†Mockingjay.

Johanna Mason

Physical description: Short brown hair, small in stature, brown eyes.

Personality: Appears to most people as fragile, but is very tough and scheming.

Best Pick: Ellen Page

Back in the days when I hated the idea of Jennifer Lawrence being Katniss, I pictured that Ellen Page would be better. The problem is, she’s three years older than the actress who was actually cast! Then I thought, Johanna’s only a few years older than Katniss. She has proven in a diverse range of movies she can be fierce, cynical, stubborn and empathetic – not to mention an occasional tomboy. Who’s better a match is for Jen than Ellen? She may be short, but getting into a fight with her is not recommended!


Physical description: Elderly, approximately 80-years old with slurred speech and limited mobility.

Personality: Smart and resourceful, someone you’d want to have on your side in spite of her age

Best pick: Cloris Leachman

I don’t know of many 75-90 year old actresses out there, except for Julie Andrews and Betty White – but I can’t picture either of them being Mags. After doing some research, I found out about Cloris Leachman. Not only is she an acclaimed actress, she’s also very close to how I pictured Mags. She also looks like she can pack more of a punch than most people her age.


Physical description: Ashen skin and black hair, ill-fitting glasses

Personality: From District 3, which is known for its expertise in technology. He is an expert with technology and occasionally referred to as “Volts”

Best pick: Alfred Molina

Molina is fantastic in everything I see him in, especially as Doc Ock in Spider-Man 2 and he has often been the silver lining in plenty of other movies that were otherwise terrible. The experience of  being a crazed technical whiz could come in handy to play Beetee and his knack for playing crazy characters also helps.


Phyiscal description: Like Beetee, ashen skin and black hair

Personality: Referred to by Johanna as “Nuts”, she is delusional, shy and often can’t finish her sentences. Thus with Beetee they are referred to as “Nuts and Volts”

Best pick: Helena Bonham Carter

Who better to play the delusional and eccentric Wiress than the not-quite-as-but-still eccentric Helena Bonham Carter? A collaborator of Tim Burton and also his wife, she can play anyone like her fellow Tim Burton collaborator Johnny Depp. Who else could possibly drift off going “Tick tock” in the arena like she could?

These are the most prominent new characters of Catching Fire, the sequel to The Hunger Games, which hits theaters March 22

Fast forward casting: Catching Fire

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